ATLAS is a data platform that offers an all-in-one approach to data management and insights in financial inclusion to impact investors and other stakeholders.

We host validated data on financial service providers’ financial and impact performance. Our services available to subscribers, include:

  • Flexible benchmarking tools
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Bespoke data management solutions
  • Customised data analytics
  • Access to a range of reports, including MFR ratings


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We host and validate data from a range of data providers, including: Financial Service Providers (FSPs), international networks of FSPs, professional associations, investors, standard setting bodies, rating agencies, research institutes and other organizations.

Data providers receive free access to a private Benchmark Overview dashboard. To learn more, click the link below.

ATLAS is managed by MFR, a private and independent international rating agency specialized in inclusive finance, in collaboration with other industry stakeholders.

MFR est une des agences de notation les plus actives avec plus de 2000 missions dans plus de 100 pays dans le monde. MFR opère par le biais de son siège social à Milan, en Italie, et d'un réseau de bureaux régionaux, de bureaux nationaux et d'antennes sur 4 continents, fournissant des notations institutionnelles, des notations de crédit, des notations sociales et des certifications de protection des clients selon la méthodologie approuvée par SPTF-Cerise.

Via Rigola 7, 20159 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 02 3656 5019